Monday, November 7, 2016

Heart of the Home

I remember a Christmas staycation years ago: north wind howling, a stack of Kitchen magazines, endless cups of tea and bright sunlight shining through a south facing window. For someone who loves to cook and design, this felt like a little piece of heaven.

Kitchens come in many shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, first story, second story, inside, outside, open to a great room or compartmentalized. Regardless of any variation, enticing smells or hunger, a promise of sustenence, nourishment, thirst quenching drinks and more, all lure family and friends to gather in small groups and large, filling kitchens and making each one: the Heart of the Home.

On Epiphany Day, January 6, 2017, gracious homeowners for whom we have had the privilege of creating unique beautiful livable kitchens, will open their homes for folks to view. Save the date and a few afternoon hours, 12pm to 3pm. Invite friends and family to walk through four inspired hearts of their own homes. All photos shown here are black in white. The real and living kitchens on this tour are full of color and surprise.

Rosca de Reyes (Epiphany Cake)


Earlier this year the homeowners asked us to remodel their kitchen. Previously the space included dyed concrete perimeter counters and an oval shaped table with chairs in the center. The kitchen was functional with space and potential to offer more for family and friends. A pantry was needed. Also, a kitchen space cozy and comfortable for two yet ample and welcoming for more. Photo here shows built in concrete table and bar stools - a great find! - from Artesanos. Arched entry ahead leads to walk in pantry. Concrete sink is finished with broken tile mosaic pieces and sparkles of marble here and there. Tiled surfaces cover newly built perimeter counters. Built in concrete shelves above and below provide storage for colorful dishes and glasses. The stove was locally purchased and sits nicely into the wall left of this photo, framed in an arched tile design above the stove and more fun tile mosaics with marbles below.

Kitchen - Casa Wills built in eating area, stove to the left,
sink to the right, arched entrance to pantry ahead


This one of kind kitchen sits on top of guest bedrooms and east of the newly built Master Suite, inspiring a jaw dropping view of the white sandy beach line, palm trees, colorful houses and Flat top nestled amongst its surrounding purple mountain range. This upstairs kitchen includes amenities such as: BBQ, undercounter fridge, ice maker, sink, two burner stove, built in drawers, free standing draws and table for two to four. The view offers an endless horizon, stars visible around the overhang after dark, cool summer breezes and an intimate connection with the vast outdoors over coffee, cocktails or a sit down dinner.

View of Flat Top  from Casa Musica's outdoor Kitchen,
artisans at finishing stage of project.
Kitchen not shown here is located to the left side of photos edge. 


How do you create a kitchen with the feel of colonial Mexico and maintain the functional simplicity and endurance of modern day smooth granite? Combine materials. Granite counter tops provide a durable surface adorned with Mexican tile backsplash, arched and tiled niche above the stove with soft lights and even more tile around the base of the island - a kick plate of color and beauty. Unobstructed views of the Sea of Cortez are framed with concrete arches above veranda beyond and clay tile arched banister below. This kitchen is part of the Great Room, housing an oversized comfy sectional couch for the homeowners, family and friends to gather. Mesquite table and old world hutch fit perfectly between the kitchen and outdoor living area with pool and palapa to the west.

Casa del Mar - a corner piece Kitchen tile used in the design


Gem of a home sits on the hill and inspires a smile everytime its owners arrive. The kitchen itself a jewel box of functional beauty and charm. Custom made built in tiled gas burning stove cooks slowly, medium or quickly. Decorative hood above custom range lights up the meals cooking below - or the buffet of food served over unlit flames. A concrete arch frames the entry and transtion between kitchen and family room adajecent and north. Pass window next to stove connects wind protected outdoors and indoors. Cozy for two or gathering of more. Walk hrough French doors on the east and step into a sunken outdoor kitchen, built in BBQ chimney with counter surrounds and surprising backsplash, casting light on morning surfaces outdoors.

Sonrisa - Kitchen with cutom built in tiled range ahead and concrete Farm Style sink to the left

These four unique beautiful livable kitchens share a connection to Flat Top mountain, whether it be from the room itself or from outside. When venturing on to see these beauties, enjoy a peek of this mountain as you enjoy these spaces or while you are making your way to them and in between.

Flat Top Mountain

Please save the date, January 6, 2017...there will be Refreshments, Raffle Prizes and Rosca de Reyes (Epiphay cake for Epiphany Day). 12pm to 3pm. Stay tuned for more details: 
  • Maps will be distributed: location and time TBA
  • Raffle - must be present to win: location and time TBA
See you on this Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour!

Thank you,